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Beaconhouse Clifton Campus

Carrying on with our rich tradition of over three decades, Beaconhouse Clifton Campus has always been an early adopter of new Educational Pedagogies. Beaconhouse Clifton Campus is the largest Authorized School offering International Baccalaureate Primary years program in Pakistan. Beaconhouse IB-PYP Team collaborates with the global Baccalaureate community and strives towards building a better world through high quality international education.

a Sports Calendar

Significant part of IB PYP curriculum is focused on physical wellbeing of the student. At Beaconhouse School System Clifton Campus we focus keenly on sports as a tool for holistic student development.

a PYP Exhibition

In the final year of PYP, students participate in culminating projects. The exhibition gives a chance to students to synthesising the essential elements of the learner profile.

a Music Classes

At Beaconhouse School System Clifton Campus, students have the opportunity to learn the art of music, under the guidance of expert music teachers.

a Our Teachers

Faculty at Beaconhouse Clifton Campus is highly qualified and IB trained. They foster students’ curiosity in order to provide them with authentic, meaningful and holistic education. Teachers play the role of a facilitator, and scaffold to provide need-based assistance, during the process of learning.

a Foreign Languages

IB PYP program tries to inculcate international mindedness amongst students. In our IB PYP programme students learn Mandarin (Chinese) & German which empowers them to take on the challenges in today's dynamic world.

a Orientation Days

Orientation Days, provide a unique opportunity for parents to learn more about the PYP program. Internationally trained experts explain the intricacies of this truly global program.

a Library Learning Resource Centre

Our 2 learning resource centers (libraries) are fully equipped with state of the art learning peripheries, along thousands of books. Students can gain tremendously under the guidance of specialized subject teachers by making use of the available resources.

PYP Resources

Our teachers follow various internationally approved and research backed tools in their class rooms such as Inquiry based table, PYP learning cycle etc.

21st Century Skills

Our curriculum is designed to generate curiosity among students learning methods focus on developing 21st century skills.

Inquiry-Based Approach

Through Inquiry-based approach, the PYP challenges students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning as they explore local, global issues and opportunities in real-life contexts. This deepens their understanding to go beyond memorising facts and content.

Global linkage

Tremendous growth of International Baccalaureate across the world, facilitates the international mobility of students, IB curriculum and qualification is highly recognized by schools and universities worldwide.


We value diversity in learning and provide an inclusive environment that is cohesive and helps students excel both academically and personally.

Learning environment

Our class rooms are fully equipped with modern technology and state of the art learning peripherals. IB PYP at Clifton Campus pays special emphasis on language learning through a variety of curricular and curricular activities. Our libraries provide access to wide range resources for individual, and collaborative planning and research.

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