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Library Learning Resource Centre

ThePYP library learning resource center (LLRC)at our school provides a well-equipped and balanced collection of resources that supports the diverse learning styles, cultures, beliefs and host country language of students within the school. It plays a central role in school by being a hub of learning and for seeking information.  

IB PYP is based on transdisciplinary themes which have global significance and are explored using knowledge from six subject areas as well as skills with a powerful emphasis on inquiry. Students do research to find answers to the questions during the process of inquiry for their ongoing unit of inquiry. The library plays a central role by procuring and providing a range of resources both print and digital, from Pre-Nursery to Grade 5. The role of a librarian has changed after the school became the IB World School. They are known as academic librarians and research support teachers. 

They play many roles and are not limited only to the library or reading. They support teachers and collaborate with them to conduct the inquiry. They collaborate with the academic team to understand their needs and accordingly provide or make available resources. Teachers plan their learning engagements to be conducted in the library. They also work closely with the PYP Manager to develop and deliver information literacy curriculum.